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04 October 2005

Congrats to bluesoul!

It was an extremely tight race at the end, but the Paducah Supremes came out on top, only half a point ahead of the Cortez Killers and ID's Herbal Attack. Congrats, bluesoul!

30 August 2005

Comin on Strong

Been a while since I've posted, but I've been keeping up with the league. My guys hit a real lull for a month or so as some injuries took a toll, but now I've reloaded for the stretch run, and have already picked up several points to be within striking distance of 1st. w00t

12 August 2005

Turnover talk

I compared my Opening Day roster to my lineup as of this Sunday, and found that of the 26 players I started with, I've held on to just half of them. (And if you don't count Michael Barrett, whom I just picked up again, it's less than half.)

So far, I've used 19 different position players and 21 different pitchers, with A. Pujols leading the hitters, R. Oswalt pacing the starters and J. Nathan anchoring the bullpen. If I take nothing else from this, it's a trio of good players to shoot for next time around.

09 August 2005

Current standings

1 Cortez Killers 63.5
1 Paducah Supremes 63.5
1 Bostonian's Bloggers 63.5
4 Aristotelians 59.5
5 ID's Herbal Attack 53
6 Berlin Bouillabaisse 51
7 Will play for B$ 47.5
8 San Diego Swabbies 28
9 sarabear's scorchers 20.5

Three-way tie for first -- cool. :)

20 July 2005

Tweaking the pitching

The hitters overall are heating up, but I'm still playing catch-up in most of the pitching categories. Time for some fresh arms:

Dropped: J. Tavarez (RP), R. Dempster (SP/RP), B. Wickman (RP)
Added: J. Lackey (SP), J. Schmidt (SP), B. Looper (RP)

24 June 2005

Making A Move

Jun 24 1:17am Added J. Duchscherer (Oak - RP)
Jun 24 1:15am Added C. Politte (CWS - RP)
Jun 24 1:14am Added D. Riske (Cle - RP)
Jun 24 1:12am Dropped L. Hawkins (SF - RP)
Jun 24 1:12am Dropped K. Brown (NYY - SP)
Jun 24 1:12am Dropped M. Prior (ChC - SP)
Jun 24 1:11am Added N. Johnson (Was - 1B)
Jun 24 1:09am Added T. Clark (Ari - 1B)
Jun 24 1:09am Dropped J. Snow (SF - 1B)
Jun 24 1:05am Dropped J. Conine (Fla - 1B,OF)

31 May 2005

Holding steady

Seems my managing style (benign neglect) is still working out, though I've been hit by the DL bug lately. My current roster:

C I. Rodríguez (Det - C)
1B A. Pujols (StL - 1B)
2B B. Roberts (Bal - 2B)
3B A. Béltre (Sea - 3B)
SS J. Rollins (Phi - SS)
OF G. Sheffield (NYY - OF)
OF P. Burrell (Phi - OF)
OF R. Freel (Cin - 2B,3B,OF)
Util M. Barrett (ChC - C)
Util D. Eckstein (StL - SS)
Util L. Walker (StL - OF)
BN T. Glaus (Ari - 3B)
BN A. Rowand (CWS - OF)

SP J. Bonderman (Det - SP)
SP K. Rogers (Tex - SP)
RP B. Wickman (Cle - RP)
RP S. Shields (LAA - RP)
P J. Tavárez (StL - RP)
P A. Eaton (SD - SP)
P C. Zambrano (ChC - SP)
P R. Oswalt (Hou - SP)
BN J. Nathan (Min - RP)
BN T. Wakefield (Bos - SP)
DL R. Harden (Oak - SP)
DL J. Affeldt (KC - SP,RP)

Later this week I'll decide whether to hang on to Harden and Affeldt, and figure out the rotation for next week. Maybe for once I'll actually get some numbers from Oswalt, who's been on my bench for every single one of his good starts lately.